zdjęcie profilowe anna przybylska

Anna Przybylska

Animal Nutritionist - Pigs

I have been involved in animal nutrition for 5 years. Swine is closest to my heart. The experience gained during internships on a large pig farm and continuous cooperation with constantly developing farms motivate to acquire and expand their knowledge about feeding and breeding pigs.

Creative, unconventional and full of passion and commitment. I am arranging the feeding doses for pigs. I am constantly expanding my knowledge and gaining experience on farms. I am currently participating in the opening of the farm for 700 sows, but all farms are interesting and full of possibilities.

Agriculture is slowly undergoing a revolution and generational changes. This translates into one-way specialization and paradoxically shorter day. That is why, together with my colleague, we create a platform where you can do everything in one place at any time of the day or night. You can order feed or specialist additives here. In addition, you can find answers to problems related to animal husbandry and gain and expand your knowledge here.

zdjęcie profilowe marcin tomczak

Marcin Tomczak

Animal Nutritionist - Cows

He has been involved in animal nutrition for 17 years. I specialize in dairy cattle and recently I have been setting feeding more and more often on farms with milking robots.

I often see how the prepared nutritional dose changes during the preparation of TMR and how it translates into production results. Therefore, I have prepared the eTmr, application, which will stabilize the nutrition in farms that have feed wagons.

On pig farms, I analyze productivity, for this purpose I have created the eLocha. livestock management program.

Working with clients, I noticed the need for independent advice on farms, and therefore I decided to set up a website Żyniowiec.pl where you can order a farm audit as well as purchase products for animal nutrition.